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Remember the days when a company had a website online and that summed up their entire virtual presence? Those days are far, far behind us.

I thought it might be nice to update readers on all the different places they can find us and all the different services we offer.  Here you go:

  • You can find local vendors and helpful articles on DexKnows Weddings.
  • I Tweet! You can follow our Twitter feed @DexWeddings.
  • Watch helpful videos from wedding industry experts on our YouTube Channel. Our most popular video of all-time is “How to Decorate Wedding Reception Tables,” above, which no matter how many times I center it, realigns itself to the left. Sigh. Our most popular in the last 30 days is “Outdoor Wedding Items.”
  • We have a Facebook page where I post whatever looks interesting in the wedding world — and regularly alert followers to whatever wedding-related giveaways I encounter. (I encounter a lot!)
  • You can follow me on Pinterest.
  • We’re regularly featured on Wedding Gawker!

As an aside, we have a sister site called Marketing Matters geared toward helping small businesses market themselves. They have a lively Facebook page where small business owners post any marketing questions they may have and you’ll find them on Twitter as MustMarket.

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