Photo Gallery: 10 Green Wedding Things

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we give you: green things! As you can tell from the photo gallery above, for the most part, we give you green decor. But we worked in some green bridesmaids dresses, a green truck in an engagement shot and my prized green ring, given to me as a bridesmaids gift.

See below the list of posts these items came from — you’ll find cute back stories, helpful tips and even full-on photo galleries in some cases if you click through. (Go ahead — do it. Click!) Here are the corresponding posts and the photographers responsible for the photos in order of their appearance above:

  1. Photo Gallery: Annette & Aaron’s Wedding, photo by Next Exit Photography
  2. Top Pic: Crab Apple Decor, photo by Jen Huang Photography
  3. Top Pic: Pomanders and Rocking Chairs, photo by Cunningham Photography
  4. Wedding Roundup: February 17, photo by White Loft Studio
  5. Top Pic: Flowers in Green and Purple and Blue, photo by Kristel Wyman
  6. Top Pic: Pretty Tent Decor, photo by Frank Amodo
  7. Top Pic:Charmingly Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses, photo by James Christianson
  8. Best. Bridesmaid. Gift. Ever., photo by Christina Domingues
  9. Top Pic: Green on Green on Green, photo courtesy Bold American Catering
  10. Top Pic: Trucks and Engagment Pictures photo by James Christianson

And if you’re more interested in green as a philosophy rather than a color, then you’ll probably like this short video on “How to Have a Green Wedding.”

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