Top Pic: Light Is Everything

old-fashioned wedding dress

I talk a lot about light around here. There’s a reason: It can make such a difference in your photos. Diffused light is best, like the light in this photo by LiveView Studios, which is coming through treetops and caught by the lace tablecloth. (I posted another shot of theirs with great light just recently.)

This is a styled shoot, and between the peacock feather in the model’s hair and the way the tablecloth spreads out behind, she reminds me a bit of a peacock herself. (Click through for another bride’s use of peacock feathers.)

dotted fake eyelashes

Her eyelashes remind me of a peacock as well. Don’t they look like the dots on peacock feathers? It’s a cool effect.

Here’s the model with a goat.

farm bride

If I have one rule for this blog, it’s this: If there’s a photo of a bride and an animal, I will post it.

The dress, by the way, is vintage and was found on Craigslist.

Photo by LiveView Studios, check out the full shoot here.

If you would like to find a wedding photographer in your area, go here. It’s also important to have well-lit indoor events. A wedding planner can help.

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