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Like many of you, when I started Pinterest I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into. I assumed it would introduce all sorts of wonderful things to me — and it has. (I’ve included two Pinterest discoveries here.) But I’ve ended up using it as an organizational tool more than I expected. At the same time, I don’t feel all my organization strategies worked out. I started a board connected to this blog with my own name and created some pinboards. Then I found that some boards really should be broken into multiple pinboards and others I barely pinned a thing to.

giant white topaz engagement ringI’ve also discovered that I need two Pinterest profiles: one for myself and one for this blog. So that’s what I’m doing. If you’d like to follow wedding stuff, the Pinterest button on the right still links to that profile. I’ve recently renamed that profile so it’s clear those boards align with Bridal Banter and DexKnows Weddings. I also now have a brand-new Pinterest profile for myself. I’m in the process of migrating the recipes, home decor, style, etc., pinboards on the Bridal Banter profile to my personal account — feel free to follow me there if those things interest you. And if you’re following those non-wedding-related boards currently on the Bridal Banter profile, a heads up that they will be deleted once I’ve finished moving everything over.

Creating separate work and personal Pinterest profiles has me thinking about the best way to organize my Pinterest boards. I wish Pinterest allowed you to create folders. For example, I could have a folder called “Recipes” and then click through to pinboards that are divided by dinner, dessert, maybe even “kale” or something when I’m on a jag with a certain food item. In my best attempt to simulate this, I’ve created pinboards that share a first word because I like the idea of related items being together when you’re selecting a board for your pin. So right now I have “Desserts — Easy-peasy” and “Desserts — Not as Easy,” for example.

I’m thinking about applying this logic to the blog’s Pinterest boards, but I’m still figuring out how. For example, my most popular pinboard is “Flowers & Color Palette Ideas.” It has all sorts of lovely stuff on it, but I feel I’ve lost control of it a bit. I think I should probably have “Flowers — Bouquets” and “Flowers — Centerpieces” and then maybe “Color Palettes” as its own board as well. Or would that be breaking it down too much? “Vases,” on the other hand — where I primarily pin unusual items used as vases — has worked out perfectly

Anyhow, I say all this because I’m curious how others have organized their pinboards. Have any tips to share?

Photo 1: Pinned to Wedding Day Style; pinned from Wedding Chicks; dress by Temperley London

Photo 2: Pinned to Wedding Accessories, pinned from Sundance

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  1. I have also broken down the boards into many of the sections like wedding dresses, wedding cakes and others. I think we actually get a good response when the things are streamlined. That is all I have to say…Good day!

  2. Fab Pinterest tips, especially having separate biz & personal identities. OK, big job ahead, but very good ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Great info on this post…and how do I go about creating a business profile on Pinterest for my website? I’ve sent my website email an ‘invite’ but when i click to set up the account, it just goes straight to my personal Pinterest account…any help on how to set up the business profile? Thanks, C. Reeder

  4. Thanks, Cindy! My guess is you haven’t officially logged out of Pinterest. If you log out, it shouldn’t have any idea who you are. Then click on that invite you sent to your business email, and you should be able to set something up without being pulled into your personal account. Hope that works!

  5. HI!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I have boards like “Food — breakfast” and “food — sweet” and “food — fun” and “food — tips” and just “food” i’ve even thought of one for ground beef and one for chicken. I have the same thing going on with photography inspiration and DIYs, only the latter is less organized.

    I am SO glad I don’t have to move anything to a new profile!! What a daunting task! I do, however, have some much needed cleaning up to do. I have a ridiculous amount of ‘likes’ that I need to pin. It all started when I primarily accessed pinterest on my tablet and it was a pain to pin from there. Now, I get lazy sometimes or am busy or don’t want to make yet another board and don’t know where to put something. Oh, and when I go to actually pin them I get sucked in and ‘like’ so many more things!! It’s also a MAJOR pain that pinterest won’t let me pin to the same board multiple times in a row. Does this happen to you? I very much dislike it. It would be great if I could tag multiple things and move them all at the same time!

    Anyhow, I’m going to go now and follow your boards. 🙂


  6. Hi Ashley — Sounds like we’re kindred Pinterest-organizing souls!

    I don’t think I’ve encountered the problem you describe with not being able to Pin to the same board multiple times (though I may be misunderstanding). I only Pin from my computer — never a tablet — so that could make a difference.

    I’m beginning to think my Wedding Tips board is getting convoluted and would LOVE the ability to move a bunch of Pins at once to another new board. Maybe we’ll see that feature in the future?

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