Top Pic: You and Your Dogs

working with pets in your engagement photo session

A ton of people have Pinned the photo we featured of a couple and their well-behaved dog. When they Pin it to their Pinterest board, they frequently caption it by saying, “A good idea IF Daisy (or whatever the name of their dog is) can behave.”

But animals that behave are overrated. Look at the dogs above — one has lifted his head to mostly cover the groom-to-be’s face, and the little one seems to be going in to lick the bigger one.

Isn’t this so much more like real life?

The dogs’ inability to sit still created this charming photo, where you can’t see the guy’s smile, but it’s obvious he has a big ole grin on his face — probably because his animals are acting silly.

It’s so much better than just smiling for the camera, don’t you think?

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Photo by James Christianson

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