Top Pic: Urban Grit Makes Striking Photos

urban wedding photo ideas

Check out this photo from Michael Graham. It contains a copper water pipe, blackened pieces of chewed gum and a cigarette butt. But it’s striking, right?

Once upon a time, I would have framed all that business out of the photo, but today I feel it makes it more interesting. Not to say photos should be a crazed mess — you don’t want a photo to look downright cluttered — but done right, unusual objects add personality.

Of course, it helps that the bride and groom are against a bold background. The photo reminds me a bit of this endearing smiling couple against a vibrant blue barn door with a rusted chain in the back. And the sign for the restaurant calls to mind the use of signs in these wedding photos. Never underestimate signs. Someone typically puts a lot of time into selecting a font, color and style for them. They are, by their nature, designed. They can make great visual backdrops.

For more from this photographer, watch his short video on wedding portrait ideas, then find a photographer in your area here.

Photo by Michael Graham Photography

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