Weddings Make Me Wanna Jump, Jump

trampolining bride and groom

My editor mentioned in passing to me that there are a lot of photos on wedding sites of brides and grooms leaping these days. It’s true — there are. I think the trend started with entire wedding parties jumping up and down, which became a popular way of getting a different, fun photo a few years ago. (As an aside, am I the only one worried about how the ladies get up and down in their heels without twisting an ankle?)

But lately, jumping photos seem to be getting more creative. Take this photo of a bride and groom on a trampoline. This looks fun, though I worry about her dress getting stuck in the springs. (Yes, I am fretful.)

Even I have done my fair share of posting jumping photos, from this groom doing an impressive leapfrog jump into the air to this bride flinging herself in a surprisingly fashionable manner at her groom.

So tell me, are you going to do a jumping pose on your wedding day?

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Photo by Jeremy Lawson Photography

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