10 Super-Cheap Casual White Dresses

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve seen more brides-to-be and newly-marrieds wear white to events other than their wedding: the engagement party, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner and the day-after-the-wedding brunch.

It’s not necessary, but I think it can be a nice touch. It makes the bride-to-be/newly married easy to spot at least, which is especially helpful at larger events.

On the other hand, weddings are expensive, and the idea of buying one more thing can seem out of the question. So when I saw a slew of white dresses on sale at Old Navy, it seemed like the perfect compromise. Ladies who would like a little white dress for a non-wedding wedding event can have one, but they don’t have to feel guilty about spending the money because, well, they’re not spending much. The Old Navy dresses pictured above range from $17 to $40, with most falling in the $20 range.

These dresses probably aren’t good fits for fancy parties, but if you’re having a backyard engagement party,  they’d be perfect. Don’t forget to add some personality to your white dress with a belt, boots, cardigan or vibrant jewelry. Turquoise jewelry might be a fun nod to the “something blue” you’ll eventually don.

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