Top Pic: Easy, Inexpensive Cupcake Decorations

creative summer cupcake toppers

These cupcakes show what a little imagination can do. Served at a Hawaiian wedding, they call to mind their setting with blue frosting reminiscent of the ocean and toasted coconut serving as sand, as well as a slew of creative, on-theme toppers: flip-flops, paper umbrellas and cheap candies that look like beach balls!

I bet you could apply this concept to other regions. For example, I’m originally from Tennessee, so maybe there’s mini cowboy boots, cowboy hats and pickup trucks out there. Or maybe a marzipan firefly — though in all honesty, fireflies are aggressive-looking little insects when their bottoms aren’t glowing.

Any other ideas for my region or yours?

If you’re having a full-on wedding cake as opposed to cupcakes, we have a cute video where a baker describes some creative cake topper ideas. And if you’re looking for a local baker who can dream up ideas for you, look for a bakery here.

Photo by Renai Photography

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  1. You’re right, Angy. Even though both are made of cake and icing, an actual slice of cake seems so decadent. A light little cupcake on the other hand is nearly guilt-free!

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