A Whimsical Wedding for Drew Barrymore?

big unstructured ceremony flowers

One of our favorite wedding planners — Yifat Oren, who judged our wedding contest way back when — is making headlines again. She was the wedding planning brains behind Drew Barrymore’s recent wedding to Will Kopelman. Before that, she planned Reese Witherspoon’s wedding.

Photos of Drew’s wedding decor haven’t yet been released. Reese had a country chic look to her wedding, perfect for an actress who hails from the South, but Drew has a looser style that’s more flower-child-like. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went for unstructured wildflower arrangements, not unlike those pictured above.

And it wouldn’t be a Drew Barrymore wedding without a touch of whimsy. The below bouquet from an Yifat wedding is simple, unfussy and unusual because the flowers are spread out rather than tightly bunched together. Here, you can actually see the sun shining through them. The little beads at their centers are the perfect whimsical touch.

unique white wedding flowers

What are you expecting to see from Drew Barrymore’s wedding?

Watch Yifat Oren’s video for tips on an outdoor weddings, and find the right wedding planner for you here!

Photos courtesy Yifat Oren Associates

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