Budget Wedding Roundup

DIY budget escort cards

A friend of mine recently told me about a new service called SmartyPig. It’s basically a free account you create to use for a specific item or event, say, your wedding. It can help you save for your wedding and make sure you’re only spending the amount you allotted toward it.

Seems really smart to me.

SmartyPig has inspired me. In the spirit of budgets, I give you this roundup:

  1. If you need to have the money talk with parents, here’s how you do it. (Note: PiggySmart is also an excellent way to put money from your parents, the grooms’ parents and you all in one place.)
  2. This wedding budget breakdown is fascinating.
  3. A spreadsheet tracking your spending is essential. Here’s a good approach to one.
  4. Cheap, cheap, cheap (and adorable) escort cards.
  5. Bridesmaids’ gifts for any budget.
  6. Here’s how one couple creatively managed their wedding budget to throw a wedding that suited them perfectly.
  7. A baker shares clever ways to save on your wedding cake.
  8. Budget wedding decor can happen! One pro tells us how.
  9. Seven smart tips for stretching your wedding budget.
  10. Want champagne but don’t want the added cost? Here’s a champagne alternative.

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