Planning a Bachelorette Party Weekend Getaway, Part 5

wedding signature drink The bachelorette weekend getaway series is back! Read part one on preliminary planning; two covers the hard-core planning part; three is on food and activities during our first 24 hours and four details our big night on the town. Today’s post is a breakdown on what kind of alcohol to bring and how much.

I decided upfront that I’d supply the alcohol for the group of 10 girls during the weekend. My next step was deciding on a signature drink, which I highly recommend. It should be a favorite drink of the bride and nothing too complicated to mix. In my experience, folks primarily opt for signature drinks when offered, so it simplifies the types of alcohol you have to bring. I also recommend creating a little sign to hang in the kitchen with your drink’s measurements, as well as any variations of the drink.

Our signature drink was the Greyhound, which is a very simple and pretty concoction of 2 parts grapefruit juice and one part vodka. My sign mentioned you could turn it into a Salty Dog with a salted rim. I also brought and listed possible additions or substitutions: lemonade, limeade, sparkling water and sparkling grapefruit juice. (I didn’t take any photos of our Greyhounds, but the one above resembles one. Just ignore the pale yellow at the bottom of the glass.)

My next step was to determine what type of liquors to bring. Here’s what I decided on:

  • A white liquor (vodka)
  • A dark liquor (whiskey)
  • White wine (I assumed no one would feel like red with the heat.)
  • Beer
  • Prosecco (This served as champagne for Mimosas.)

Turns out, many of the generous ladies on the trip also chipped in and brought additional bottles of alcohol. The result? A whole lot of alcohol. Luckily, I bought alcohol from a liquor store that lets you return unopened bottles, which I took advantage of post-party.

Here’s what we actually drank:

  • Three bottles of vodka and a bit of a fourth. This was the 750 ml bottles that’s the normal size you see.
  • Maybe half a bottle of rum that one smart girl brought, along with some ginger beer, which together makes a Dark ‘n Stormy. It was far more refreshing than a whiskey drink.
  • I’m not absolutely positive, but I think we polished off three bottles of white wine, though it may have been four.
  • We drank a whopping total of four bottles of beer.
  • The tiniest bit of Prosecco.

If I were to do it over again, here’s exactly what I would have brought for 10 girls: four bottles of vodka, one bottle of rum, four bottles of white wine, a case of beer and one bottle of Prosecco — pour Mimosas small to make it stretch if your crew wants them more than mine did.

Naturally, you should adjust this formula according to your crowd and event. If you’re going out both Friday and Saturday night, you should bring less alcohol. But if you’re staying in both nights, bring more. Also, take into account the weather and whether the ladies are big drinkers or not, and what types of alcohols they gravitate toward. We were a middle-of-the-road crew, but it was hot outside (have I mentioned the 100+ heat?) and Greyhounds are refreshing, so we were probably mixing them up more than we would in normal circumstances.

Don’t forget to bring a case of bottled water. We drank every last one of ours. And be responsible and set up cab rides whenever you’re out on the town.

The last installment of the bachelorette party series is on the horizon! I’ll tell you all about what I’d do the same and what I’d do differently!

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Photo by Jen Huang

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