Tips for Buying a Suit for Your Wedding

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Instead of showing you a suit, which would make sense with this title, I’m showing you a suitless guy with a really cool tie. This may seem strange. But that tie inspired this post, so I’m hoping you go with it.

These General Knot & Co. ties are cool. They’re made with vintage fabric — some include more than one vintage pattern — that has been refashioned into a neck or bow tie.

These ties are just another example of how fellows have definitely been stepping things up in the fashion department lately. While tuxes used to be the norm, these days suits with quirky ties are becoming de rigueur. If your guys happen to buy a snazzy tie like one of the ones pictured here, he might want a nice-looking suit to accompany it. So I asked a friend of mine well-versed in the world of suits for tips. His advice:

1. Good rule of thumb: If you care about proportions, the width of the necktie and the suit jacket lapel should be about the same.

2. Get your suit tailored. At the very least, jacket sleeves should show shirt cuffs, and pants should be hemmed to the proper length and provide the desired break.  A suit doesn’t need to be expensive to look great on you.  Buy a less expensive suit and use the money you save to get a tailored fit.

3. Wear and care:  After the wedding, continue to wear that suit! For business, out on the town, whatever.  Just don’t dry-clean it too often. A suit that is fused — constructed of layers of fabric glued together — may eventually pucker as the dry cleaning process takes its toll on the glue.

Support local businesses and buy a suit (or tux if that’s your thing) near you.

Photo courtesy General Knot & Co.

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