Top Pic: Bringing the Outdoors In

tree reception centerpieces

Remember when Kate Middleton walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey? With all the greenery, the abbey looked a lot like an outdoor space. That’s what this decor from Bold American Catering reminds me of.

Check it out — there are actual trees on the table! And surprisingly, they manage to avoid my big issue with large centerpieces — taking up so much space that you can’t see (or talk) to the person across the table from you. The trunks are slender enough that this isn’t a problem. Note the twinkle lights in the tree and on the ceiling. And the globe lights are a fun touch.

Greenery serves as a runner, which is such an inventive and interesting approach. Pink flowers here and there don’t look like arrangements at all. Instead, they appear to spring out of the greenery.

The linens were smartly kept simple — just a solid pale yellow with no pattern. And gauzy fabric with wildflowers pinning them back decorate the chairs.

If you wanted an outdoor wedding but ended up with the indoor wedding, this is the way to go.

Photo courtesy Bold American Catering

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