Top Pic: Unusual Vase

unusual wedding reception arrangements

Has anyone ever said: “You know what I really want? A brown, glass vase.” Probably at least one person has said it. But two? I don’t know….

I have never pined for a brown glass vase, but whenever I see one, I tend to stare at it and think how unusual and striking it is. Probably partly because these vases are almost always repurposed bottles originally intended for something that had nothing to do with pretty flower arrangements, like the above and this vase that was once a cough syrup bottle.

What’s especially interesting, in this case, is I think it really elevates the arrangement. I might not have looked twice at this arrangement had it been in clear glass, but the brown class really makes it pop. And someone was clearly thinking when they put a yellow flower into this bottle with yellow details on it.

Unusual vases are a fantastic way to give budget-friendly flowers some oomph. Lots of folks collect these “vases” themselves for their wedding. But if you’re short on time, sometimes wedding planners or designers will collect them for you.

And hey — check out my unusual vase pinboard — it’s actually my favorite of all my boards!

Photo by Jen Huang

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