Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party Hybrids

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I’ve recently attended two events that were bridal showers and bachelorette parties rolled into one, and I think they’re a really smart idea for certain situations. (OK, so I threw one of these, but I’m allowed to like my own idea, right?)

I think they’re especially worth considering if:

  • You’d like to include out-of-town guests at both events. (If a guest has to fly to attend an event, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to do that on both occasions.)
  • You want to minimize the amount of money guests — and the hostess — have to spend.

Here are two ways to throw one:

  • The one I threw was primarily a bachelorette party, but I gave guests an option to contribute $20 to a joint bridal shower gift for the bride-to-be. We presented her the gift in the vacation home we rented for her bachelorette party. Because so many of us attended, we were able to get her one of the pricier gifts on her registry. It’s especially nice for a bride who may not be into the fuss of a bridal shower. And I like the idea of one big gift because many times a bride and groom will receive all the lower-priced items on their registry and never receive the higher-priced items.
  • The “showerette” I attended recently was split into halves. The first part was a traditional bridal shower. We met at a cute little outdoor restaurant where we chatted, drank wine, played one bridal shower game and watched the bride-to-be open more lingerie than I’ve ever seen opened before. The second part of the evening was the bachelorette party, where we went to a karaoke bar and the bride-to-be wore a veil and was serenaded. I liked the format. It was a smart approach to include all the bride’s out-of-town sisters.

I also want to show you this program from the event.

bridal shower program

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wished I’d put a program like this together for the party I threw. I highly recommend you do as well if you’re doing a “bridal shower — bachelorette party” combo. It’s especially helpful if logistics are involved. This little program contains the address of our second location and parking instructions!

Check out our sister site’s post on how to find a bridal shower venue!

Top photo by Kristel Wyman, bottom photo by me (hence the heavily Instagramed nature of the photo).

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