What Wedding Weekend Events Are You Hosting?

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I was talking to a friend recently who got married 10 years ago, and she told me that it was such a pleasant, fun experience. But she noticed that in the last few years that most of her friends weren’t using those words to describe their own wedding planning experiences. They were using words like “stressful” and “time-consuming.”

Here’s what she thinks the reasons is: Today, couples are expected to provide for and entertain their guests in a way that wasn’t the norm just 10 years ago or really even until the last few years.

I think she’s right — in particular when it comes to the number of events associated with a wedding. (As if the wedding itself wasn’t expensive enough!)

Now there’s a whole slew of events that are becoming part and parcel of the wedding weekend. Once, the rehearsal dinner was for the wedding party. Now it’s not uncommon to invite out-of-towners. I’ve been invited to a decent amount of day-after-the-wedding brunches as well — though, to be honest, I’m not confident I’ve attended a single one because I’m usually either a) in a mad rush to get myself to the airport or b) exhausted.

Here’s a tip. If you’re debating what extra events to host on your wedding weekend, they don’t have to be extravagant to be appreciated. At the wedding I attended recently, the couple hosted a rehearsal dinnerĀ at a brewery for the wedding party and others closely involved in the wedding. They invited all the guests to join a couple hours later on the brewery’s patio. The couple had worked out a deal with the brewery where they paid for two rounds of drinks for everyone. I thought it was such a smart way to host a cost-effective pre-wedding event for guests. And the day after the wedding they invited guests over to a family member’s house for donuts and coffee.

It’s a nice gesture to host an extra event for your guests, but there’s no need to make it logistically or financially challenging on yourself. And if you can’t pull off an extra event, that’s valid. You’ve got a lot going on.

OK, so I really want to know: What events will you be holding? Click all that apply! (I didn’t include “wedding” because, well, that goes without saying.) And if you have any stories about hosting or attending these events, by all means, share!

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Check our restaurant listings if you’re looking for a spot for your rehearsal dinner. Btw, the photo above comes from a fun, very guest-centric Nashville wedding that’s worth checking out!

Photo by Mark Denman

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  1. At my wedding, we did a day after brunch for all the out of town guests. It was a great way for us to spend some more time with our family and friends

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