Guests’ Wedding Photos Get Their Due

We’re big fans of professional wedding photographers around here. If you do nothing else, please set aside some money to hire a photographer you love for your wedding!

That said, there’s something really charming about guests’ photos too. You get to see your wedding through so many different perspectives in addition to your photographer’s.

That’s why this new app, WedPics, caught my eye. The bride and groom set up an online wedding album for $99 and then pass the code on to the wedding guests. (The app, which works on iPhones and Android phones, is free for your guests.) Your guests can also take pics with digital cameras and upload the photos later. Everyone will then have access to all your guests’ wedding photos, where folks can comment on, “love” or order photos. WedPics offers discounts through some photographers and wedding planners as well.

It’s the same concept as those disposable cameras that couples used to place on wedding tables, but this time, the cameras can’t be hijacked by little ones so that all you get back are a bunch of photos of peoples’ knees.

If anybody uses this app, please tell us about it! I’d like to hear about your experience.

And just for fun, I put together a little photo gallery of guest photos from two weddings I recently attended, just to give you a glimpse of the sort of stuff you might get!

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Photos by Kara Oropallo, Emily Horton, Neil Pakrashi & Joel Nyeste

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