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Our wedding planning has been at such a high-octane pace that we’ve made a lot of decisions that I’ve never mentioned here. So I created a cheat sheet page on what we’re envisioning for our wedding day — I’m hoping it will make our story easier to follow.

The latest episode includes a trip soon to Nashville, Tenn., with a flurry of vendor meetings. Such as:

  • Seeing our wedding venue! This is especially exciting because we chose the Hermitage’s Cabin-by-the-Spring sight unseen (picture above during an event). My thoughts on decor have been extremely hazy and seeing the property should help.
  • Our venue works exclusively with one event rental company, Liberty Party Rental, so we’re going to take a tour of their facilities and start thinking about linen, plates, flatware and tents. (Happily, our venue comes with tables and chairs.)
  • We’ll meet our wedding planner! We interviewed her over Skype and she’ll join us for the walk-through of our venue. I’ll be introducing her on the blog, so stay tuned.
  • We’re going to meet with our wedding photographer, whom we also selected via a Skype interview. She’s a big fan of getting to know her clients beforehand. We’re not doing any engagement photos, so we’re going to meet up and get to know each other so we won’t feel like strangers come the wedding day.
  • My mother has booked an appointment at a bridal shop, so I’m going to try on my very first round of wedding gowns! (I’m expecting the I’m-getting-married thing to really hit me right about then.)
  • We have some taste tests arranged with caterers. Food — hooray!
  • Because this will be a weekend getaway for the majority our guests, we may hold some other mini events over the weekend, so we’re looking at (budget) venues for that.
  • We’ll be interviewing a florist.
  • And we’ll stop by our stationer to look at examples of previous work and various card stock, etc. I’m a big fan of holding paper in your hand as part of the decision-making process. I’ll introduce you to the company putting together our wedding invitations in the more-distant future because I want my guests to receive the invitations first before I start blah blah blahing about the details of it. (A girl has gotta have some secrets.)

Naturally, I’ll report back on anything I’ve learned that might help other brides as we talk to vendors and narrow down our options.

So! Exciting!

Photo by Jenny Cruger Photography

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