Getting Engagement Ring Insurance

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It’s easy to get caught up in the swirl of wedding planning, but don’t forget about the smaller, less glamorous tasks as well — for example, insuring your engagement ring. Here’s how to go about it.

Get your ring appraised.

Many jewelry stores give an appraisal along with the purchase of a ring, but if yours didn’t come with one, go to a jewelry appraiser, like Robert and I did. Have the documentation on hand when you call about insurance.

Select an insurance company.

If you have property insurance, go through that insurance company. If not, consider using the company that supplies your auto insurance. If you qualify, our appraiser recommends USAA insurance because it provides good coverage at low rates. However, it’s only available if you or certain family members once belonged to the military.

If you don’t have property insurance, you need it.

A jewelry insurance policy is a rider on top of home or renters insurance, so you must have the latter to get the former. You need to estimate the value of your home and its contents in order to insure your home or rental. Do that before making the call. You’ll be able to insure both your home and jewelry in one phone call.

Prepare to provide information on your ring.

Have the ring appraisal in front of you because the insurance consultant will want specific information. If you have a stone in your engagement ring, you’ll need to provide information on carats, clarity, appraised value, etc.

And that’s pretty much it. It’s not hard, but it does take a little time. It’s worth it.

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