Should You Rock Your Wedding Dress? [Photo Gallery]

Do you remember those stiff bridal portraits that used to be popular, where the bride was sitting on a staircase and her dress is billowing out around her? I’m glad they’ve gone out of fashion.

Instead, trends seem to be moving toward more relaxed shots like the above. I’ve heard photos like this described as “rock-the-dress” shoots, where you typically roam around outdoors in your wedding dress — the more unusual the spot, the better — with a photographer in tow. It’s like the trash-the-dress shots but without any dress trashing.

Currently, I’m debating doing a rock-the-dress shoot like this. In fact, the lovely styled shoot above by Alison Vagnini was shot at the historical Hermitage, where I’ll get married in July. As of right now, my fiance and I have selected a photography package that doesn’t include one of these shoots — we’ve opted to see how the money shakes out before doing something we see as an extra instead of an essential. But these photos are really making me second-guess that decision. The Hermitage kindly allows clients to use the property on a non-wedding day for a shoot, and the property is so large, varied and gorgeous that it’s really tempting to return and take full advantage of the surroundings.

I’m curious. Which photography packages have you opted for or are considering for your wedding?

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Please share any thoughts on the matter — why you chose the package that you did or if you were really happy you got an extra shoot or felt that you should have skipped one of the extras and allotted the money to something else or whatever. I’d love some insight!

Venue: The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson
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