Two Easy, Budget-Friendly Signature Cocktails

Budget signature drinks for a wedding

To save money and personalize our July 6th log cabin wedding, Robert and I would like to have two signature cocktails, but we’ve found  it a real challenge to concoct cocktails that meet all our prerequisites. Those are:

  • We’d like one cocktail to feature dark liquor (whiskey) and another white liquor (vodka).
  • Drinks should be relatively budget-friendly — so no exotic or pricey ingredients.
  • That said, we still want the drinks to be interesting.
  • Drinks shouldn’t be cumbersome to make for our bartenders, whom we are hiring through our caterer.
  • We’d like at least one drink to have a Southern bent — we’ll be in Nashville after all.
  • Drinks shouldn’t be uber-strong because people have to drive home eventually.

Thankfully, Aleah and Nick Valley, wedding planners and designers of Valley & Co., came to the rescue! They’re always featuring fun drinks on their blog, and they concocted two, just for us, here.

With that, I’ll hand it over to Aleah and Nick:

Aleah’s always into citrus drinks during the summer months, when the atmosphere calls for celebration and cooling down. Her Orange Mint Splash brings together some unexpected, yet refreshing, elements: orange juice, vodka, sparkling water and mint. Perfect to mix up in batches pre-wedding, this cocktail is not only scrumptious, but it’s lovely to look at, don’t you think?

Orange Mint Splash

{Yields 8 drinks}

16 oz. orange juice | 8 oz. vodka | a splash of sparkling water per drink | a bushel of mint leaves | 3 tbs. super-fine sugar

To make in batches: Muddle mint leaves in the bottom of a pitcher and add the sugar. Top with vodka and orange juice and pour into glasses. Then top with sparkling water, ice and mint leaves or orange zest. So yummy!

Nick lent his expertise on mixing more potent alcohol (bourbon!) with refreshing elements that will lend themselves to a creative, rustic drink. We can see ourselves sipping these on a hot Tennessee afternoon at a log cabin now!

vodka signature drink for a wedding

Herbed Bourbon Cabin

{Yields about 6 drinks}

12 oz. apple cider or apple juice | 6 oz. good Bourbon | about 4 tbs. thyme leaves | 3 tbs. super fine sugar

Muddle thyme leaves in the bottom of a pitcher and add sugar, muddling again. Add apple cider and bourbon and shake in a cocktail mixer. Pour into low-ball glasses over ice and garnish with thyme sprigs.

signature bourbon drink for a wedding

Many thanks to Aleah and Nick!

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