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funny windy rock the dress photo

The year is winding up, so we’re taking a look back at some of the top posts of 2012. Here’s what got the most buzz.

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15 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Photos + Tips for Working With Your Photographer

Most Likely to Get a Google Referral

17 of Our Favorite Engagement Photos + Engagement Photo Advice

Most Gawked on Wedding Gawker

30 Songs to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

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Same as above, so here’s the second most pinned:

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring + a Photo Gallery of 12 Stunning Rings for Different Budgets

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Why Wedding Photography Is Harder Than You Think

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Top 20 Wedding Photos of 2011

This photo was posted at the end of last year, yet still garnered the most Facebook activity in 2012. The photo above comes from this post!

Editor’s Pick

Here are two that flew under the radar, but in my opinion, they’re strong posts that warrant more attention:

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for You, Part 1 and 10 Tips for a Wedding Dress Sample Sale

Photo by Emin Kuliyev Photography

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