Our Top Photos of 2012!

It’s time for my favorite post of the year: Our top photos featured on the blog in 2012! The photos above are a mix of editor picks and photos that our readers pinned all over Pinterest. Many of these photos came from excellent photo galleries in their own right — you can click through to see the original posts below.

And if you’re in the mood to look at more pretty pictures, then check out our top photos from 2011, 2010 and our awesome wedding photos pinboard! Oh, check out our top posts of the year while you’re at it — you’ll find some truly helpful info there.

Here are the photos, in no particular order:

  1. 17 of Our Favorite Engagement Photos + Engagement Photo Advice, photo by Christine Olson
  2. Why Wedding Photography Is Harder Than You Think, photo by Ashlee Rene Photography
  3. Top Pic: Dreamy Wedding Photo, photo by Jeremy Lawson Photography
  4. Top Pic: Delicate Centerpieces, photo by Deirdre Quinn of Didi Weddings & House of Violetta
  5. 15 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Photos + Tips for Working With Your Photographer, photo by Emin Kuliyev Photography
  6. Top Pic: Tent Tips, photo by Frank Amodo
  7. Photo Gallery: Nichole & Jordan, Part I, photo by Ashlee Rene Photography
  8. Group Trash-the Suit Shoot, photo by Ashkate Studios
  9. What Level of Wedding Planning Service Is Best for You?, photo by Chris and Adrienne Scott, courtesy Modern Vintage
  10. Should You Rock Your Wedding Dress?, photo by Alison Vagnini Photography, courtesy The Hermitage
  11. Top Pic: Simple, Effective Wedding Decor, photo courtesy VP Events
  12. Find the Perfect Engagement Ring + a Photo Gallery of 12 Stunning Rings for Different Budgets, photo courtesy EidelPrecious
  13. Mother-Son Dance Songs for a Wedding, photo by Renai Photography
  14. Creative Wedding Group Shots + 7 Wedding Photographer Tips, photo by Emin Kuliyev Photography
  15. 10 Spring Bouquet Ideas + Bouquet Tips, photo by  Kristel Wyman
  16. I Call It: Boho Chic Wedding Gown, photo by Jose Villa
  17. Top Pic: An “Arch” of Pink Flowers, photo by Jen Huang Photography
  18. Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for You, Part 1, photo by Jason Messick
  19. Top Pic: Bridesmaids Deserve Love Too, photo by Hoffman Photographer
  20. Photo Gallery: Julie & Kyle, photos by Rebecca Wilkowski
The blog will be taking a break over the holiday, but we have some seriously great posts planned for the future, so check back! Enjoy the holidays!
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  1. I photographed weddings in the 50’s with the challenge of getting good photographs. We carried heavy 4×5 Speed Graphics, carried 40 sheet film holders (B/W film)and with that you had better produce great photographs. I read one of these photographers say they review 1000’s of pictures (I think that’s a little exaggerated), you could give a 10 year old child today’s camera and the child would produce salable photographs. The best way to pick a wedding photographer is to review his/her portfolio of ONE wedding, not photographs from different weddings.

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