Got Engaged? Congrats! Now: Get Organized!

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Those first few days after you get engaged are so much fun — you’re flush with excitement and accepting congratulations left and right. But once that subsides, you realize: You have an awfully big task in front of you. I experienced this myself not too long ago when I got engaged to my fiance Robert.

If planning a wedding seems overwhelming at first glance, here’s a few ways to make it feel more manageable:

1. Get an organizer

Get whatever type works for you. I developed one with a Post-It note system that I like very much. I’ve adjusted it a bit as I’ve gone along. My initial attempt to only work on one major element at a time — such as “Catering” or “Rentals” —  has given way to a plethora of wedding tabs, such as “To Bring” (the day of the wedding), “Questions,” etc. I found out that even if I wasn’t actively working on one element of a wedding, I often had thoughts about that element that I didn’t want to forget.

2. Make friends with Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent way to gather weddings images that speak to you. You can even make your board private if you don’t want everyone to know your plans. I have a private board and gave access to my planner, florist and two bridesmaids. One drawback though, now that it’s private, is that my bridesmaids and vendors who aren’t on Pinterest can’t see a thing. It’s up to you whether privacy or visibility is more important.

Also, you may want to use Pinterest to aid your guests. (Definitely keep those boards public.) For example, I’ve created a board of the sites to see in Nashville, where our wedding will be held. I’ll link to it from our wedding website. And since Pinterest boards are so easy to update, I can keep adding to it whenever I want. Btw, here’s my professional Pinterest profile — I’ve culled a lot of helpful wedding info and photos on it, such as this Wedding Tips board. Oh, and check out our Facebook page and Twitter profile as well.

3. Get comfortable with spreadsheets

My fiance and I share a Google Docs spreadsheet that has tabs for our guest list, our budget, the vendors we’re considering, etc.

4. Set a budget and create a guest list

Budgets and gusts lists are the wedding tasks to tackle first. Next up: Find a venue and a wedding planner, if you plan on doing the latter. I go into way more detail about the first steps when you get engaged here.

Also, congratulations! This can be an exciting time if you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Feel free to leave concerns, questions, etc. in the comments. I’m here to help!

And be sure to stop back — I have all sorts of posts planned that will be especially helpful for the recently engaged, from tips on finding the right gown to photo galleries of engagement photos!

Photo by Christine Olson

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