Traditional Wedding Dresses With a Twist

Are you ready for a whole new world of wedding dresses?

Wedding gowns have been looking relatively similar for quite a while, but we’re now seeing interesting details in dresses that will make brides feel distinct. In fact, this post was inspired by an earlier photo gallery of wedding dresses that went from slightly unusual details (sexy dropped back!) to the more overtly unusual (mint green dresses!). I found so many pretty dresses that I decided to make a second gallery of traditional wedding dress made unique. Check out the above!

If you’re looking for a wedding dress, you’ll find the tips in these articles extremely helpful.

And here’s who makes the dresses above, in order of appearance.

  1. Papilio’s Nymph line, dress 1013
  2. Stella New York, Style 5618
  3. Ida Sjostedt, Marilyn
  4. Carol Hannah’s Pemberley
  5. Elizabeth Fillmore, Narelle
  6. Ersa Atelier, 2013 line 
  7. Hayley Paige, Fall 2012 line
  8. JLM Couture, StyleHP6302
  9. Ann Taylor Silk Georgette Mermaid Wedding Dress
  10. Papilio, Nymph 1003

For even more dress inspiration, follow our wedding dress Pinterest board! And find a local bridal boutique here!

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  1. I’m dying over this one! I want at least a sleeveless blouse with them. How timely with “The Great Gatsby” coming out. I think brides are starting to think and dress for themselves, not the guests, not the jealous bridesmaids and not their mothers. If the dresses were Betsy Johnson dresses Helena Bonham Carter, it would be different. However, I see us returning to our grandmother’s time, a time of understated glamour.

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