What to Include on Your Wedding Website

rustic wedding website template

When Robert and I began looking for which service to use for our wedding website, we honed in on just a few details:

  1. We looked for templates that matched the vibe of our wedding — and ideally, the colors as well.
  2. Online RSVPs were a must because we planned to forgo print reply cards.
  3. We liked the idea of a corresponding app — but didn’t consider it a must.

Everyone’s list will be different, so come up with yours, and then start looking. We opted for the In the Park template, pictured above, from MyWedding, and have been really happy with our choice. Ours is free, but different services can charge up to about $100.

Once you’ve pinned down the wedding website service and template you’ll use, you’ll likely be prompted to include this information:

    1. The story of how you met.
    2. Intros to your wedding party.
    3. Details on your wedding events. Be sure to include all events you’re hosting, not just the wedding. If you don’t know the details of your other events yet, there’s no harm in announcing the event with a “TBD” regarding time and location.
    4. Accommodations. If you reserved a hotel block for guests at a reduced rate, be sure to clearly explain how they can get that reduced rate.
    5. Attractions. Let out-of-town guests know about your favorite restaurants and sites.
    6. RSVP. If it’s an adults only reception, you may want to indicate that here.
    7. Gift registry.
    8. Contact us section.

There are other prompts you’ll likely encounter, such as a page dedicated to guests suggesting their favorite dance songs, but the above list contains the most important elements.

It’s less likely you’ll be prompted to provide what’s below, but consider including this sort of information.

  1. Attire suggestions. In addition to giving an attire type, mention any concerns about weather or terrain that could affect clothing choices. For example, my wedding takes place outside, on land that isn’t entirely even, so we cautioned against super-high heels. And we even included a photo of friends dressed in appropriate attire in case the visual helped our guests with our suggestion to wear “summer cocktail attire.” We also mentioned the likelihood of mosquitoes at dusk, so guests will know to use bug spray pre-wedding.
  2. Anything that could confuse guests. Our wedding is at the Hermitage. There’s also the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, which is nowhere near our wedding and is a very popular wedding spot on its own. We’ve already had to correct one vendor who mixed up the two. So we gave our guests a heads up under the Wedding Events section that the similar-sounding venue shouldn’t be confused with ours. Think about doing this for addresses that might easily confuse as well, such as Michigan Avenue versus Michigan Boulevard.
  3. General out-of-towner information. In this section, we mention that guests will likely need to rent a car and that there are direct flights to Nashville from Los Angeles (where many of our guests are coming from) on Southwest Airlines. And more for fun than anything, we have a list of Southern and Nashville-centric words, such as sections of town, and the phrase “meat ‘n three,” which is a type of food service in the South.
  4. Links to Pinterest boards developed for guests. Because Nashville has so much to see and do, we created Pinterest boards to advise guests rather than include all the information on one very long page on our site. We link to the different boards, such as Nashville Sites and Nashville Restaurants, from our Wedding Attractions page. A Pinterest page also makes it easy for us to update the information without having to log in to our site. And guests can create their own Pinterest boards and repin what interests them the most.
  5. A map that includes the venue, the hotel options and your top siteseeing suggestions.

What information did you include on your wedding website that was outside the norm? Find hotels, restaurants and your wedding venue on DexKnows!

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