10 Affordable, Adorable and Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes can be tricky. For me, I wanted shoes that were interesting and pretty but also comfortable. Also, I have a hard time justifying an expensive pair of shoes that will spend the day covered up by my long dress. For those debating wedding shoes themselves, here’s what I prioritized in my shoe hunt:

  • Comfort — With a bad knee, this was especially important to me. I didn’t want anything with an outrageously high heel.
  • Cost — I capped my spending at $100.
  • Cuteness — Although my shoes wouldn’t be regularly visible under my long dress, guests will get a peak at them as I walk around. Also, it’s hard to resist those charming shoe shots that have become so popular lately.
  • Post-wedding wearability — I didn’t want them to look so wedding-y that I’d never wear them for another occasion.

You’ll see in the photo gallery some of the shoes I encountered that seemed contenders for dancing the night away. Most of these have just a little bit of color, but there’s a few vibrant options as well. Many of them come in various colors. All are under $100 and some are as low at $20 — but don’t expect those items to stay in stock for long.

Local bridal shops are an excellent place to begin your wedding shoes hunt, and check out our wedding shoe Pinterest board for inspiration!

Please share your shoe priorities and recommendations in the comments!

Shoes pictured: How Could You Not Heel in Hibiscus from Chelsea CrewI Mean Fizz-ness Wedge in Champagne by Vince CamutoNina GledaNina Culver-ysColoriffics SiennaRsvp PaytonJ. Renee ClassicTrip the Light Fantastic, Iris Bow Flats in GreenEternal Love Heels

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