Choosing a Florist for Your Wedding, Part 3

I’ve taken you through the steps of discovering your floral style and researching wedding florists. Here I’ll discuss finding the right florist for you.

This decision was very easy for Robert and me. Our wedding planner suggested Enchanted Florist; we met with Caprice, the owner; and we hired her without interviewing anyone else.  I describe why below — hopefully, our decision-making process will help you with your own — and check out her unique sensibility in a sample of her bouquets, arrangements and boutonnieres above!

  1. We liked that Caprice wanted to understand what we had in mind — not impose her vision on us. When I described my thoughts on flowers, she’d pull up photos of flowers on her iPad to see if they matched what I had in mind. In one instance, I described the color “pale green,” and she pulled up several photos until we got the exact color of green I had in mind.
  2. She was organized. She typed all the details we discussed into a “flower file” she created for us. She emailed the file to us after the meeting.
  3. She was equally comfortable when we described a clear vision and when we didn’t. For example, I had very specific thoughts about my bouquet but was clueless about ceremony decor. She listened intently when I had ideas and offered her own when I didn’t.
  4. Caprice had worked at our venue many times before and with our wedding planner before. Our planner is responsible for the design of our wedding and we thought it would be best for everyone if she knew and liked working with our florist.
  5. Her work often has a rustic vibe, which suited our vision.
  6. She encouraged ideas of mine that weren’t fully formed. There was one idea in particular that I mentioned in passing, saying I didn’t think it would work, but she liked it and told me she thought it would. Now I can’t even remember why I thought it was problematic. But I really appreciate that she was encouraging even while I was having a confidence fail.
  7. She was professional. In fact, that was the exact word Robert used to describe her. She was warm, knowledgeable and replies to emails quickly.
  8. We were impressed by her celebrity cachet — she did the flowers for country music stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding!
  9. Caprice has a lot of interesting vases and other non-organic elements of her own that she uses in arrangements for no extra charge. It lessens the work I would have to do renting or buying decor items.
  10. She was willing to work within our budget. Initially, we discussed our ideal vision for flowers, but the price tag for that was out of our comfort range. So Caprice suggested ways we could scale back and stay within our budget.

We’ve been very pleased with our decision to go with Enchanted Florist — hopefully, you’ll find someone who suits you just as well!

Find your florist here and get inspired with out Pinterest boards of bouquets and centerpieces.

Photos by Erin Smagala Photography,  JHenderson StudiosBrook BolingKristyn Hogan PhotographyUlmer StudiosAdele Reding and Angela Disrud

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  1. We recently got married and we have always used the same florist. Violets Florist and Gifts works mostly in the long island area but their work was unsurpassed! Amazing job. They took the time to listen and the flowers were stunning.

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