The Best Way to Transport a Wedding Dress

traveling with wedding dress

A practical concern popped into my head the other day while planning my wedding: How in the world will I get my wedding dress from Los Angeles, where I live, to Nashville, Tenn., where my wedding will be held?

Like any bride-to-be with a problem to solve, I took to the wedding message boards! The variety of answers on the subject surprised me. Turns out, some airlines don’t have closets for hanging clothes. Others do, but there’s no guarantee there will be room in the closet. Many brides have reported that they ended up having to stow their dresses in the overhead bin. One recommendation seemed especially expensive: Buy a plane ticket for your dress.

I was also introduced to a new product: the traveling wedding gown box. For some reason, most traveling wedding dress boxes sold online are from the United Kingdom. Are British brides more likely to have destination weddings? This is news to me.

I’ve listed all the suggestions brides gave in the poll below.  I’d love to hear what you feel is the best option. A note: My dress does not have a full skirt and should be able to fit in a suitcase.

And the TSA actually has a post dedicated to traveling with your wedding dress — it’s worth checking out!

How should I transport my dress to my wedding?

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