Wedding Tips: Spend on This, Not on That, Part 2

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A bride recently told me about the wedding elements that she wished she spent more on and the ones she realized later she shouldn’t have spent on. The post was so well-received, I’m going to have an ongoing series devoted to the subject.

I tapped some more recently married friends and here’s the advice they gave. And yes, they gave solid advice on wedding shoes (hence the photo)!

Spend on This…

  • A casual Friday night party. As one bride put it: “I’m so glad we had the chance to see our guests for more than just the wedding night! By having it in a friend’s backyard, it really cut down on costs — we spent something like $500 on food, alcohol, decor, a bartender and a maid to clean their house for them. I would have spent more, the experience was so priceless.”
  • A day-of coordinator. One couple debated putting money toward this but were happy they did. “My friends and family who were helping had a point person so they didn’t have to carry the load,” she notes.
  • Venue. The venue was so important to one couple that they increased their budget — and are so happy they did. “It seems to be an aspect of the day people remember,” the bride says.

dirty wedding shoes

…Not on That

  • Nice heels — if you’re having an outdoor wedding. According to one bride: “I really wanted a pair of nice heels and I talked myself out of getting them because the wedding was outside.” This turned out to be the right decision because the grass stained her heels green, which eventually settled into a lovely brown shade that you can see above. In the end, the bride was glad she didn’t get — and ruin — those Jimmy Choos she had her eye on. (I happened to write a post on affordable, cute wedding shoes that’s worth checking out!)
  • A cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres — if you’re having a formal multicourse dinner. One bride found that many of the guests filled up on the extensive snacks and were full by the time they sat down for dinner.
  • Favors. Two brides recommended not spending on favors at all. One said about favors: “Such a waste. No one ever cares. I never remember what others give me for a favor. You get the point.” As a guest, I’ll say that I’m pretty sure I have never gone home with my wedding favor ever. They always seem to get lost in the shuffle. Either I leave it at a table and it has disappeared by the time I return, or I completely forget about it.

Many thanks to the ladies who offered up this helpful advice. And readers, please, please add to this in the comments!

Top photo by Miki and Sonja Photography

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