Glamorously Shipwrecked Engagement Session

When I saw this engagement shoot, it struck me how simple, striking and perfect it was for my friend, Alexandra, and her fiance, Gavin, both surfers who met as beach lifeguards. I liked that the two surfers got to be on their beloved beach but weren’t all suited up in surfing gear, and the “shipwrecked” concept gives the beach engagement photos a twist.

I asked Alexandra about the shoot. Here’s what she shared about it and photographers Emily and Justin of Chaffin Cade Photography:

“[Emily] had us fill out a questionnaire about ‘us’ — what we did for work, how we met, favorite vacation, etc. Then [she and Justin] gave us three concepts to choose from for our photo shoot. I thought I didn’t want a beach engagement shoot because how often have you seen that? A million times!! But we chose it over a camping shoot because it seemed so perfectly us … and I thought it would be fun to dress glamorously and get wet in the ocean. It was a wonderful experience that made me feel really at ease about getting my picture taken.”

And here’s what Emily had to say about the shoot:

“To say that Alexandra and Gavin love the water would be an understatement. To quote Alex, ‘we really really really love the water and are most happy when we are in it together.’ This couple even braved the waters from Alcatraz to San Francisco [during a swimming event]. We thought Alex and Gavin should have their own little island. Just the two of them, with nothing but the crashing waves, a shelter built out of whatever they could find, and each other. Sort of shipwrecked. Glamorously.”

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Photos by Chaffin Cade Photography

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