6 Wedding Tips Worth Taking

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Soon, we will get to see if all my wedding advice holds up! I’m getting married next week and then I am off on my honeymoon, so expect it to be a little quiet around here in the coming weeks.

Below, you’ll find six tips from former brides and wedding professionals that I appreciated while planning my wedding. It’s my parting gift to you — but don’t worry — I’ll be back in three weeks with even more tips after I see the results of all the planning!

1. One bride told me she wished that she had worn her hair up instead of down because her hair was plastered to her neck by the end of the night. So I’m wearing my hair off my neck, like the bride above.

2. As one bride put it, “If you don’t have a good DJ, you don’t have a good party.” We originally planned to have a friend deejay who DJs at clubs, not weddings. When we discovered that it cost pretty much the same to hire a DJ as it does to rent audio equipment, we hired a professional wedding DJ. In the end, we’re really glad we did because we’re going to rely on the DJ to direct our guests more than we had intended, and we like the idea of having at the helm a seasoned pro accustomed to weddings.

3. A wedding planner once told me that lighting shouldn’t be viewed as optional — it’s essential. He said it didn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on decor and then not have the proper lighting to see it. As someone who regularly views weddings photos, I can attest that many don’t show the beauty of the decor because they aren’t lit well enough to see it. So we included lighting in our budget from the start.

4. One bride recommended spending less money and time on aisle decor and more on altar decor, which will be more of a focal point in so many photos. We took her advice.

5. Robert and I are waiting two days before going on our honeymoon due to one former bride’s story. She was advised to do the same, but ignored the advice and went on her honeymoon the day after her wedding. She felt exhausted and sick at the airport and wished that she had given herself at least one day of rest. I also like the idea of a having a day with family when things are a little calmer after the wedding.

6. At the recommendation of our vendors, we’re having microphones at our outdoor ceremony, but not electric fans. We were told it can be extremely hard to hear at an outdoor ceremony, so mics will help that problem. Fans, on the other hand, are so loud, they making hearing difficult. So we’re keeping our July early evening ceremony short and providing hand fans as programs. Electric fans will be blasting from the corners of the tented dance floor instead, where guests (hopefully) will be spending a lot more time!

Please share your favorite wedding tips below, and when I’m back, I’ll be a Mrs.! In the meantime, find your wedding vendors here!

Photo by Kristel Wyman

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