A Wedding Registry Game Plan

registry checklist

There are all sorts of gift registry checklists advising you on exactly what to register for.

We’re not covering that here.

Instead, we’re providing an overarching strategy for registering for your wedding. Here it goes:

  • Set up about three registries: one at a low to mid-priced store, another at the mid to higher priced level — these will be the stores that provide the bulk of items you want — and set up one additional universal registry, like through WishPot, where you can pull in anything at all, in particular, items from local shops that may not have a registry service.
  • Be sure to register for items at all different price points, but the majority should fall into the $40-$80 category. Even when people spend more on you, they sometimes prefer to buy in multiples in this range rather than a single item in a higher range. But by all means, register for those pricier items you’d never purchase for yourself too!
  • Double the amount of invitees and register for that many items. Again, many people gravitate towards buying items in multiples.
  • Be selective when putting items into a single universal registry. Even though these are all items you’ve selected, you may end up returning more items than you expect — you’ll get duplicates or realize an item isn’t quite right after all, etc. It can be a hassle to have to return items to a bunch of different stores. So limit your universal registry to items you really, really love. Put items you’re less certain you need on the other two registries to limit the places you have to go to return gifts.
  • On your universal registry, include the name of the store in the header for the item. If you indicate an item is from Amazon, for example, and someone has Amazon Prime, they know they can ship that item to you for free.
  • If you are returning to your hometown for a wedding — meaning you no longer live there, but many of your guests do — anticipate that many guests will bring gifts to the wedding. Have a plan to get the gifts back home. Ask a family member to take care of sending the items if you’re immediately taking off on your honeymoon. (And, of course, reimburse them for the postage.) Or be sure to have some boxes that are regulation size for checked luggage to bring the items home with you.
  • Create a spreadsheet to keep track of who sent you what — and devote a column to check off that you thanked them. Send thank yous within three months of receiving your gift — people will worry it didn’t arrive otherwise.

Find local stores for your gift registry here!

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