Our Wacky, Wonderful Wedding

Country road bride and groom

I’m back! And married! The wedding was wonderful — despite the fact that so many of my plans got tossed out the window at the last minute due to forces beyond my control. The major crazy happenings included:

  • Flash flood warnings. Thankfully, we had a rain plan for our indoor-outdoor wedding, but the level of rain predicted threw us for a loop.
  • A last-minute change in ceremony location. We booked the Cabin-by-the-Spring at the Hermitage for our ceremony and reception, and then they kindly offered us the use of their historical chapel when the inclement weather arrived for our wedding day.
  • Stand-still traffic that my bridal party and I sat in for more than an hour on the way to the wedding venue. By some miracle, the wedding started only 15 minutes late.
  • A complete change in the ceremony decor plan. Because the chapel was a historical building, there were restrictions on decor items. None of ours, which were non-floral, met the restrictions. So the chapel was bare. Thankfully, it was such a striking building it hardly mattered.

And here are the wonderful things:

  • I married Robert!
  • The rain stopped before the wedding, the skies parted for the sun and the evening was milder than we ever dreamed — and the weather held all night.
  • I got to introduce my California friends to fireflies! Their reactions were priceless.
  • Despite the initial stress that some of the earlier mishaps caused, none of it mattered in the end. Robert and I got married, and then we had the rollicking┬áparty we envisioned — our guests seemed to have a fantastic time. There was line-dance instruction! And gourmet popsicles!

My takeaway was this: Your wedding doesn’t have to go as planned to turn out perfectly.

You can read more about Robert’s and my wedding journey here, and search for your wedding vendors here.

Photo by the fabulous Ariel Renae Photography

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  1. Way to roll with the punches, Christine! How cool that you got to show your friends fireflies for the first time. But I’m very curious…what flavors were the popsicles?

  2. Thanks so much, Hajnalka! Yes, the fireflies cast their on little magic on the evening, and I was so pleased to share with friends something I’ve always loved. The popsicles were from Las Paletas, a Nashville favorite. I actually have no idea what the flavors were in the ends because I told them to just give me array. Guests didn’t know what they got into they popped them in their mouth! They have some wacky flavors like chocolate-chile. I ended up with honeydew!

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