A Checklist of Easy-to-Forget Wedding Day Items

wedding day checklist

I knew Robert’s and my wedding week was going to be a whirlwind, but it was far more whirlwind-y than I ever anticipated. To help, I made an exhaustive list of items that myself and others needed to bring. We remembered almostĀ everything.

What did we forget? Well:

  1. A hanger so my photographer could get a picturesque shot of my wedding dress. Alas, I didn’t take my dress out of its zip-up bag when it was steam-cleaned a few days before the wedding, so I failed to notice the wire hanger it was on. And it was too wet outside to hide the hanger in a tree shot. So: No lovely wedding dress photos for me, like the one above. Sigh.
  2. Double-sided tape. I go into why you need double-sided tape here, even if you don’t have a strapless dress.
  3. The sign for the sign-in book didn’t make it onto the table. This normally wouldn’t matter, but our sign-in book shared a table with the gifts and the photo booth props (the latter I wasn’t expecting), and a lot of people didn’t realize it was there.
  4. Tweezers. In the frenzy leading up to the wedding, I didn’t check in with my eyebrows, which I had waxed before going to Tennessee. They would have benefited from some upkeep, which I didn’t realize until those final hours before the wedding when I was tweezer-less.
  5. My father forgot the pocket square I bought him for the occasion. On the plus side, my brother remembered his!

Here are the items myself and others did remember to bring (that I was afraid we’d forget):

  1. The wedding rings!
  2. The marriage certificate!
  3. A second pair of shoes in case my first ones rubbed. And they did.
  4. Bridesmaids gifts. Right before the wedding was the only quiet moment I had with my bridesmaids all together, so I gave them their gifts then. If you can find an earlier time to do this, I recommend it.
  5. Medicine, so I could eat dairy. Don’t forget any medications you may require.
  6. The favors. A friend of mine said she and her husband painstakingly made favors the night before the wedding — and then forgot to bring them.
  7. Umbrellas. It was raining at the start of the day, but thankfully stopped by the time the wedding began. But we were prepared!
  8. Whiskey! A bridesmaid brought some, which I was thankful for when the stand-still traffic made usĀ an hour and a half late to the venue. A little nip took the edge off. So consider bringing whatever will calm your nerves.
  9. A shawl. I didn’t think a July wedding in Tennessee would require one. But with all the rain, I was afraid it could end up being cool, so I grabbed a cream one from my mother at the last minute. I didn’t need it, but I was covered if I did.
  10. Band-aids for blisters on my feet.
  11. Handkerchief. That said, I didn’t have a plan to get it to me when I needed it, so when I was feeling emotional during the wedding ceremony, that handkerchief was nowhere in sight.
  12. Perfume.
  13. Any details not part of the wedding you want your photographer to capture. I brought our invitations, and I considered bringing other items, like our welcome bag and save-the-dates as well, but decided against it. While everything had a similar vibe, it’s not like they were a matching suite of items, and I didn’t think it made sense to take photos of them separately. But I wished I had brought them and let our photographer determine whether she could make a good shot out of them. I regret preemptively making the decision.
  14. The sign-in book, pens and glue stick, so people could glue in their pictures from the photo booth.
  15. Lawn games.
  16. Tips for vendors and envelopes to distribute them.

Make note of what’s relevant to you, and feel free to add to the list in the comments!

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Photo by Christine Olsen

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