Are Engagement Photos Worth It?

Robert and I weren’t going to get engagement photos. The reasons were threefold:

  1. It cost more money, and we were trying to keep expenses down.
  2. Our wedding was a destination wedding, which was where our photographer (the very talented Ariel Renae) was located, so engagement photos could only be squeezed in during our already jampacked visits.
  3. But mostly, we simply didn’t feel compelled. We figured we’d have plenty of photos of ourselves from the wedding.

Having made the decision, we weren’t without our concerns. I tease Robert that he has only one facial expression. I’m the opposite. I have many facial expressions — most of them aren’t photogenic. We had our doubts about how well we’d photograph come our wedding day. So when our photographer suggested a mini engagement photo session a few days before the wedding, we agreed.

Turns out that an e-session gives you so much more than additional photos of yourself.  If you can afford an engagement photo session (and usually the extra expense is minimal if you get a package), I highly recommend them!  Here’s why:

  1. It allows the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera without the distraction of guests, parents and wedding party members around.
  2. It gives you a chance to get comfortable with your photographer.
  3. You’ll get accustomed to your photographer’s directions, so you’ll be a pro at being instructed come the wedding. This will speed up the process of posed photos.
  4. Professional photos of you in non-wedding attire are extremely useful. Robert and I immediately plastered engagement photos taken of us singularly all over our various social platforms. (Note: If you want to use one of the images for your professional work — for example, one of my photos became my bio pic for a webinar I was leading — dress accordingly.) It’s helpful to have a professionally taken image that doesn’t say “bride” or “groom.”
  5. It was fun! That said, the day of our engagement session, I had my doubts. I was stressed out with the wedding planning and wasn’t confident that I had the time to devote to the shoot or even the ability to smile. But it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of our year of wedding planning and a really lovely reprieve from all the hard work.

So are engagement photos necessary? No. Are they helpful? Absolutely. So before you dismiss the idea of engagement photos, consider how they might be useful to you.

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Photo by Ariel Renae Photography

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