The High Heel – Outdoor Wedding Conundrum

heel protection

If you’ve been reading along, you’re well aware I had my fair share of attire difficulties during my wedding. Chief among them? My shoes.

I bought two-inch, thick-heeled, vintage-looking shoes that were a lovely blush color, cute enough for the wedding day but not so fancy so that they would have no use post-wedding. My thick heels were no match for a month’s worth of wet ground. Those suckers sunk right into the ground. And the heels are now seriously scraped up.

Turns out, I had more options than I thought. There are high heel protectors that keep your heels from sinking and getting scratched up, like SoleMates High Heeler above. Another option is Heels Above, pictured below.

wedding heel protection

Of note: These are for slim heels, so neither would have fit the shoes I wore. That said, I chose my shoes because I thought they wouldn’t sink into the grass. If I had known about these products, I could have gone with those slimmer heels I was wary of.

How about you: Would you wear a heel protector for an outdoor wedding?

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