Christine & Robert

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I’ve been writing about weddings for years and now I’m planning my own! It should be interesting to see when my wedding knowledge holds up (I’ll be passing along all helpful tips) and what completely blows my mind. Stay tuned!

Here are some details about Robert and me and our wedding:

  • We live in Los Angeles.
  • The wedding will be held in Nashville, Tenn. — I grew up in a suburb right outside.
  • The date is July 6, 2013.
  • The colors will be …. er, um, we’re not entirely sure yet. But it will likely be something like: dusky green, cream and peach.
  • As for the style of our wedding, we’re basically aiming for a fun, yet elegant, hoedown. Do all those words work together? Who knows! We’re going to find out.
  • We don’t have a theme per se, but whenever we’re faced with a decision, we determine which option is the most Nashville/Tennessee/Southern, and typically go with that.
  • The majority of our guest list will be out-of-towners, so we’re taking them into special consideration.

You can follow our story by checking out the Christine & Robert category!


  1. It sounds like its going to be a lovely wedding! We are so excited for you the both of you. Robert, we are so excited about having a new member to our family and it will be such fun to finally meet you and your family.

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